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Support Bordharan Retreat Centre to provide free retreat bursaries for those who most need them. Let’s raise £3,000 to support our Sangha in India.

Cambridge appeal for India 2021

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Please Give to Triratna’s Future

India is still in crisis because of COVID and now they face a potential third wave of the pandemic. People are losing friends and family and often don’t have any work or means to earn a living. They are facing fear and the insecurity of not knowing what will happen next.

Kumarjeev and his team at Bordharan Retreat Centre are helping hundreds of people rise to face the challenges of their lives, with life-changing retreats. The team believe that the Dhamma revolution in India is about helping people to transform their consciousness and Buddhist retreats are a vital part of that work. People from every kind of background come on these retreats, for example young people’s retreats, ordination training retreats and most recently a retreat for the trans-gender community.

Bordharan Retreat Centre lost a lot of its income during the lock downs while so many of its retreats were online. Now they need our help as they return to in-person retreats!

Please support Kumarjeev and his team reinstate their bursary programme for those in their community who can’t afford to come on retreat and help spread solidarity, courage, and confidence throughout our Sangha in India.

Portrait of Nikhil

Our Retreat Centre is providing a space for all the important events of the movement. Most importantly we offer free retreats for the people around the Retreat Centre area. Most people coming from the villages and with less earnings could not even afford to pay the food costs of their stay


Bordharan Retreat Centre team