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FutureDharma Projects 2022

Worldwide Projects

  • Windhorse Publicationsto produce quality Dharma books, many from new authors, and giving away free eBooks – £28,000
  • Translations Board to support translation board to give funding to translation projects, meaning that language is not a barrier to accessing the Dharma – £5,000
  • The Sikkha Projecthosting fundraising and teacher training seminars and resources, ensuring a quality experience of the Dharma wherever someone meets Triratna – £13,000
  • The Buddhist Centre Online/ Free Buddhist Audioproducing the Dharma Toolkit for Uncertain times, online retreats, and daily online meditation, podcasts and recordings of Dharma talks from our very best teachers – £80,000
  • Life with Full Attention Appdeveloping an App for use as an adjunct with the Life With Full Attention course, making it easier for people to engage with key Dharma teachings – £3,000
  • Translating and Subtitling Mediasix-month pilot project in 2021 and 2022 to investigate subtitling videos in English meaning that language is not a barrier to accessing the Dharma – €3,000
  • The International Councilcoordinating our Movement and international online days of practice like Buddha Day – £33,000
  • Urgyen Trust,  Triratna Picture Librarypreserving our rich image heritage and sharing it online for everyone – £14,000

Projects In India

  • Indian Ordination Teamssupporting the teams when they couldn’t fundraise due to COVID restrictions, keeping Triratna alive in India at times when people most needed the Dharma – £55,300
  • Indian Movement CoordinatorSupporting Amrutsiddhi who coordinated the Movement and the Food Relief programme – £3,000
  • Triratna India YouthIndian Youth workers run online retreats and classes for thousands of young people across India, many in the most impoverished circumstances – £9,000
  • Gender Equality Training IndiaProvide gender equality training with the aim to improve inclusion and representation of women in key roles at centres and as presidents of centres – £2,950
  • Hsuen Tsang Retreat Centre, BordhoranTo provide bursaries for those who can’t afford it to attend retreats; allows retreats to be available whatever a person’s financial situation. For example a small sum of £38 will provide a 9 day retreat for one person – £2,900
  • Food Forest Indiafunding to explore the development of a food forest at the Bordharan retreat centre, creating meaningful work and food security – £3,000
  • India Communicationsdeveloping a website where all Indian centres can advertise courses online and train staff to use it – £4,500
  • Sadhamma Pradeep Retreat Centre (Finished 2021) – emergency coronavirus support – £13,000
  • Hsuen Tsang Retreat Centre (Bordharan) (Finished 2021) – emergency coronavirus support – £10,750

Projects In Australasia

  • Kalyana Mitra for Australiasupport for Maitripala to develop women’s ordination training and support in eight Australian sanghas – £7,878
  • Australasian Youth (Finished 2021) – Dhammakumara and then Varadhi gathered 100s of sub-35s online to deepen friendships and practice, increasing participation of young people in an otherwise aging movement – £10,000

Projects In Europe, UK & Eire

  • Racial Diversity and Inclusion NLBCone year project to involve sangha in developing 5-year plan and activities to increase racial diversity and inclusion and the NLBC – £2,484
  • Buddhafield Fundraiser Roleto help Buddhafield recruit a fundraiser for their Buddhafield Base project – £3,000
  • New Website of Valencia CentreDevelopment of new website for Valencia as a resource for the local sangha but also wider Spanish sangha and for Spanish speakers in US and Latin America – £2,950
  • Dharma TranslationsKey Triratna books now in Polish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, and live translations on online events – £5,000
  • Oslo Onlineone year grant to provide audio visual equipment for the Oslo centre and retreat centre – £1,900
  • Triratna Warsaw (Finished 2021) – Online sangha events, retreats, and outreach across Poland – £8,300
  • York Buddhist Centre (Finished 2021) – refurbishment of a new Triratna centre in the heart of a busy UK city – £2,000
  • Alfoxton Park gardening tools (Finished 2021) – kitchen equipment etc for working retreats to support development of new retreat centre – £1,000
  • London Buddhist Centre Schools Online (Finished 2021) –  redevelopment of website to support online mindfulness teaching with schools – £2,800
  • Dublin Online (Finished 2021) – one-year grant to provide audiovisual equipment for the Dublin Buddhist Centre – €960 Euros

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